How Can I Buy Your Book?

I’m so happy that you’d like to read my stories! My debut series, Brides of Beadwell, is under contract to Kensington’s Lyrical Press and will be available beginning September 2017.   You can find pre-order links from popular retailers here.  You can follow me on facebook and twitter or sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when cover reveals or other news is announced!  Until then, see the link below to my recommended reading list of other great historical romances that will keep you hooked!

Will You Send Me Weekly Spam?

No!  The email signup is just for those who want to receive rare announcements of important news regarding my books (release dates, pre-order availability, etc.)  I do not publish a weekly newsletter and I will not use your email to promote other people or products.  I would NEVER sell your email to anyone else, either.  That’s just dirty pool, as far as I’m concerned.

Who Would Enjoy Reading Your Books?

Everyone!  But seriously, if you are a longstanding reader of historical romance, I think you’ll find some of the things you love best about historical romance presented in a fresh, new voice.  If you are new to historical romance, or the romance genre altogether, Welcome!  I urge you to give it a try.  There is so much to love about romance and historical romance in particular.  If you’d like my recommended reading list for an introduction to historical romance, you can find it here.

What Is the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Contest?

It is the annual contest for unpublished romance authors conducted by Romance Writers of America, the national organization of romance authors.  If you’d like to find more about the contest or membership in Romance Writers of America, I encourage you to visit the RWA website.

What Was It Like to Win the Golden Heart®?

To be completely honest, it was pretty darn nice.  It was definitely the closest thing I will have to an Academy Award moment!  You can watch my big moment here.  I’m around the 36  minute mark, but if you have the time, you should watch the whole ceremony and see what’s going on in the romance writing world!  You will also notice my name is announced as Sara Leyton, not as Sara Portman, as at the time of the award, I was writing under that name.

Why Is There a Dragonfly at the Bottom of Your Webpages?

The dragonfly may seem out of place unless you understand that The Dragonflies is the name adopted by the 2015 class of finalists for the Golden Heart awards.  My friendship with this group of 46 intelligent and creative women  has truly been the grand prize of the Golden Heart contest.  If you are a romance reader, you should want to get to know them as well.  They are among the best new authors in romantic fiction today.  We were all unpublished when we entered the contest, but several dragonflies now have their books available for purchase or pre-order.  There is not enough room to list them here, but this link will take you to a post on the Heroes & Heartbreakers Blog that lists the 2015 finalists (along with the finalists for the RITA award for published authors).  If you are looking for an easier way to find them, try searching the #46dragonflies hashtag on twitter and don’t be afraid to tweet hello to any of us!

What Books Are Scattered Around You On Your Homepage Photo?

The truth is, this is a random stack of books from my personal bookshelf that were convenient for me to grab.  You can probably read the spine of MOUNTAIN LAUREL by Jude Deveraux.  COME THE SPRING by Julie Garwood is also in the pile, along with a beautifully bound copy of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, a compilation of the works of Jane Austen, and a blank journal I have yet to use.  The largest book in the photo is not mine.  It’s a Pathophysiology textbook of my husband’s and I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve never read a word of it!